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Recreational Weather Policy


The TCSA website ( will advise if games will be played and will be updated by 7:30am on Saturdays.  If weather turns bad after Saturday games begin, the website may or may not be updated.

Lightning Policy

If lightning is seen, thunder is heard or if the Strike Guard alert sounds (long horn blast and/or a visible flashing amber strobe light) the game or practice must be terminated immediately.  Everyone must leave the fields immediately and seek shelter in his or her vehicle.  Strike Guard is only installed at the East Side Sports Complex and Breen Park in St. Charles.  The siren and flashing amber light is located near the electric service building east of the soccer fields at the East Side Sports Complex and on top of the concession building at the Breen Park Complex.  Please note that the concession area patio at the Breen Park Complex and the shelter at the East Side Sports Complex are NOT lightning safe and can NOT be used as shelter.

The games scheduled in the next time slot may be played if the weather clears (no thunder heard or lightning seen) for at least 20 minutes. For locations with the Strike Guard system, the system must also be inactive.

In addition to the lightning policy, common sense should determine if games should or should not be played or practice held due to bad weather.  Games and practices must end if standing water is present or if the field becomes dangerous to the players.  The referee will make the determination if a game should be played or not.  Coaches should consult with the referee if, in their opinion, the game should be cancelled due to weather or field conditions.

Any games cancelled because of the weather or field conditions will not be made up. All games cancelled will be recorded as a tie in the standings.  However, any games played that were completed prior to a cancellation of play that day will be recorded as either a win, loss or tie depending on how the game ended.  If a game is started, but is abandoned due to weather or any other reason, the game results will be recorded by the score at the time the game was abandoned.

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