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Weather Policy



It is TCSA's policy that if lightning is seen, thunder is heard or if the Thor Guard alert sounds (long horn blast and/or a visible flashing amber strobe light on roof top) the game or practice must be terminated immediately.  Everyone must leave the fields and seek shelter in their vehicles.  Thor Guard is only installed at James O. Breen Community Park and at East Side Sports Complex.  The siren and flashing amber light is located on top of the concession building at James O. Breen Community Park and on top of an electric service building east of the soccer fields at East Side Sports Complex.  Please note that the concession area patio at James O. Breen Community Park is NOT lightning safe and CANNOT be used as shelter.

In addition to the stated weather policy, common sense should be used to determine if games should or should not be played or practice held due to bad weather.  Games and practice must end if standing water is present or if the field becomes dangerous to the players.  The referee will make the determination if a game should be played or not.  Coaches should consult with the referee if, in their opinion, the game should be canceled due to weather or field conditions.

For Saturday morning Recreational Soccer Leagues, the decision as to whether games will proceed or will be canceled will be determined by 7:30am and will be noted on the website.  Please refer to the Field Status and Alerts blue tab in the center of the home page and/or the Latest News Section.


The St. Charles Park District has installed the Thor Guard Lightning Prediction System and Voice-of-Thor horn warning system at James O. Breen Community Park and at East Side Sports Complex.  Although each one of us is responsible for our own safety, we utilize this sophisticated computer system to provide additional warning when dangerous conditions are detected.

The system consists of sensors placed at the park site that measure electrostatic charges at ground level and in the atmosphere.  When conditions indicate that lightning occurrence is probable, a signal is sent to an alarm horn.  The signal provides an 8-12 minute warning that allows one to clear the area and seek shelter.

To minimize the potential for lightning related injuries, it is recommended that when the warning system is activated, a 15 second horn blast will be heard.  The park sites are to be cleared immediately and activities not resumed until the all clear signal is given (3 short horn blasts).  These alarm tones are distinctly different from any current public alarm tones.  It is recommended that park patrons and staff immediately seek shelter in their vehicles.  If such shelter is unavailable, patrons should avoid areas that are higher than the surrounding landscapes, not to use a tree for shelter and keep away from metal objects such as bicycles, golf carts, umbrellas, etc.  If it is the opinion of the Park staff, referee, coach or the general public that the weather situation is not safe, do not wait for the horns to activate - CLEAR THE AREA! Take shelter in your vehicles anytime lightning is seen or thunder is heard.

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