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About TCSA Academy


TCSA Academy Program is designed to stimulate young players' fundamental understanding of the game of soccer for ages 6 and 9 years old, increasing their ability and comfort to use footwork, develop balance and coordination, speed and agility, and spatial awareness in a safe and fun environment.  We believe that every child regardless of individual player's ability deserves to develop on their own learning curve.  Using guided discovery, our goal is to stimulate thinking and decision-making skills of each player, as well as teach them proper fundamental techniques for dribbling, passing, and shooting.  We craft age appropriate and developmentally appropriate activities with clear, concise and correct information where progression is clearly visible.  Our professional coaching staff is educated to work with players of this particular age group, and the Academy guarantees a friendly atmosphere with a coaching staff that promotes growth mindset.


The Academy curriculum focuses on fundamental techniques for dribbling, passing, and shooting, as well as developing spatial awareness, education on different positions and stimulating thinking process and a decision making in 1v1, 2v1, and 2v2 situations.  Our goal is to create good soccer habits in young athletes at a young age.  Individuals' ball mastery is crucial in the sport of soccer, that's why our training sessions are filled with great amount of ball mastery exercises as well as physical literacy.  Once basic techniques have been introduced, we start focusing on a 1v1 offensive and defensive behavior, even though it's a team sport, in many instances, players find themselves in these situations.  During our simulated games, the coaching staff is educating players on all different positions and the roles, goals and responsibilities associated with each position.  This way, a broader understanding of the game is promoted at a young age.  Our coaching staff observes and evaluates all players to monitor growth and development.  We also emphasize the importance of communication and teamwork to promote greater social skills as well as confidence among individuals.



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Address: P.O. Box 477 St. Charles, IL 60174

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